Spyros Koliavasilis is an oud, bouzouki, saz, kemane, laouto and canto teacher. He plays 18 instruments and music is his true passion. He composes music and has released a successful, self title CD "Mediterranean Thoughts".
Spyros’ research focuses on the music, composers and singers of the past with a particular interest on the Minor Asia region. He loves everything original and is passionate about keeping traditions alive for the coming generations.
Spyros studied with the great masters of the Eastern music such as Nikos Saragoudas, Halil Karaduman, Domna Samiou and more. He played in concerts around the world, next to great artists or with his bands. Currently, he teaches music out of his studio in Gaithersburg, MD and performs solo and with his bands, in both DC metropolitan area and beyond.